Best Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

Heavy duty pressure washers are the best washers overall. They have high cleaning capacities than low and medium duty pressure washers because of high-pressure output and high flow rate of water. Large driveways, basketball courts, tennis courts, any indoor court are too easy for any heavy-duty pressure washer to clean. Also, using the right tools heavy-duty pressure washers can clean vehicles and garden equipment without damaging the surface, that is, if you’re willing to shell out that much money.

Sometimes, to clean the guidelines on the roadways so that new paint is applied, heavy-duty pressure washers strip the roads off the old paint with the immense ease such that a kilometer of road can be done under an hour or so. Such is the power of these washers. These washers are built with industrial grade material to withstand high heat and pressure. If one buys this, it serves as a long-term investment.

Heavy equipment utilizes heavy-duty pressure washers; brick walls, sports courts, building entrances. Other low and medium duty jobs are also included but they require special attachments and nozzle settings otherwise the surface or the material could take moderate to severe damage.

1. Heavy Equipment

To clean a heavy load farm equipment, a heavy-duty pressure washer is a must. Otherwise, by the time you finish cleaning the object with a medium or a low duty washer, a night will have passed and the washer will probably be blown up. Heavy-duty pressure washers can run for hours and hours without getting heat up. This quality is a definite requirement for any washer to clean large equipment. Tractors, cranes, and other heavy duty equipment are perfect for such washers.

2. Brick Walls

These tall, rigid, and muddy structures require something extra. Heavy-duty washers have that extra something. The walls can withstand high force which the heavy-duty pressure washer delivers, thus winding up the cleaning process in an hour. If a low or a medium duty washer starts to clean, it’ll take more than 3-4 hours. Nobody has that much time at hand these days!

3. Sports Courts

Commercially, heavy-duty pressure washers clean sports courts more than they clean heavy equipment. The reason is very simple; sports courts are big and flat, heavy-duty pressure washers work faster and more effectively for flatter surfaces, saving both time and man-hours. Imagine working with low-duty washers given to ten people and waiting for them to finish!

In the recent times, gas powered heavy-duty pressure washers have become quite popular, and for a very logical reason. Gas-powered washers are far more effective, efficient, and cheaper than its petrol counterpart.

A below list comprises of four of the best gas powered heavy-duty pressure washers in the industry. The list will narrow down your search and help you in choosing the best washer for your specific need.

Best Heavy Duty Power Washers

Generac 6024

The best heavy-duty pressure washer regarding popularity is the Generac 6042. Why? Generac 6042 offers excellent quality and performance at low cost. It is gas powered with a lightweight design, has a hose reel, and wheels to move it around freely.

Heavy-duty washers have a downside compared to medium and low duty washers. The noise. Generac 6042 is deafening. Loud enough for your neighbors to hear it run, but it’s portable and can sit in the corner of any room without taking much space.

Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot

Simpson brand has established itself as the leading brand in the industry for heavy-duty washers. The PS3228-S is durable, easily movable, and high powered enough to clean anything. It delivers maximum pressure at 220 bars, with a 7.5 m hose and five different nozzle settings, this washer is perfect for commercial and household jobs. Just a little pricey. It has a Honda GX200 OHV engine which runs smoothly, and the complexity of the design of the washer does not allow heat to remain in the system while the powerful engine runs.

Simpson PowerShot 3,800 PSI 3.5 GPM Gas Pressure Power Washer (2 Pack)
  • Made for professional-level cleaning duties
  • Great for construction, deck restoration, equipment cleaning, graffiti removal, and more
  • Uses a powerful gas Honda engine
  • Functions at 3,800 PSI at 3.5 GPM
  • Ergonomic spray gun is designed for a comfortable hold without sacrificing a powerful spray

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

The third-ranked on our list is the Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot. A reliable washer with high power capacity, a Honda engine, and a sturdy frame which can live through the harshest conditions deserves a number on our list. Just like the previous product, Simpson does a wonderful job in making heavy-duty washers, and the MSH3125-S is enough for both household and commercial use. Its price varies according to the seller and usually lies in the mid Rs. 20,000s. With additional attachments and handy nozzle settings, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Generac 5997

Generac, another leading brand in the industry. Most of their washers are reliable and trustworthy, and Generac 5997 is one of them. With a triplex pump and a commercial grade engine, it can work like a beast for hours at a stretch. Delivers pressure at 300 bars and has multiple parts and attachments to keep you busy cleaning your house jobs while making some extra money working on the weekends. The 420cc OHV engine handles the most cumbersome jobs with ease till the end. Long hours, high pressure, high capacity, and an ergonomic design, what more do you want!

The above list comprises of trustworthy and reliable washers from reputed companies in the industry. The reviews are by personal tastes and experiences. Happy choosing!

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