Best Light Duty Pressure Washers

A bucket of water and a scrubber was all I used when I needed to clean my car or my handy lawn equipment. To be honest, it was painful and extremely time-consuming. Moving your arm continuously for at least 20 mins is not exactly fun. But I left all this behind soon after I started using a light duty pressure washer. Boy! I can’t stress enough how efficient and handy these things are.

Plug it, connect the hose, pull the trigger and get cleaning. It is THAT simple. Not only do these things save water and time but also are 30x more efficient than manually scrubbing the dirt off the car. Each cleaning day became more fun, and it took half the time to do the job than it did with a bucket of water.

I could easily reach places that were tough to get. No longer did I have to suffer the pain in my tired arms. It became a breeze after I bought a handy pressure washer.

Washing cars are one of the things that these washers handle. Light duty pressure washers can be used for many things apart from your vehicle, like, the driveway, small power equipment, steps that lead to your main door, outside furniture, Muddy shoes etc. It’ll just take longer than using medium duty pressure washers because it has less flow rate.

1) Driveway

Who doesn’t like a nice, clean driveway while backing up their car or just to keep that clean and tidy look? I mean, I do. The fact that pressure washers make this 20x easier and a 100x fun gives me all the more reason to do it once a week.

2) Front Steps

Whenever I visit someone’s home, I usually check their front steps leading to the main door. If it looks extremely filthy, I think of suggesting them to buy a pressure washer. I remember the days when I didn’t have a pressure washer. My front steps looked like that of an abandoned house( Not quite, just a metaphor). After I had bought one, it was fun watching the water clean all the mud and dirt that had been collecting for months.

3) Outside Furniture

Probably, nobody pays attention to the outside furniture unless it is broken or missing. But since the day I bought a pressure washer, I couldn’t stop cleaning everything that seemed dirty to me. It was that easy and fun! High-speed water and the mud being wiped off from the surface were the two things I looked forward to when I cleaned anything.

Most light duty pressure washers are used for once or twice a week job, mainly objects that require less frequent maintenance and low flow rate of water. Very rarely can these be used for commercial purposes? If you want to open a car cleaning garage and expect to clean cars every day then going with a heavy duty pressure washer will be a better choice.

There are many light duty pressure washers out in the world. This list will help you out in choosing the best fit for your needs.

  1. Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

Karcher K4 Control Home

This washer can clean almost anything and still is suitable for extra delicate surfaces. That is, depends on what kind of attachment one uses as the pressure range varies from 145 to 20 bars. It’s a little heavy and has LED lights on it to display the pressure settings. But even the stickiest muddy area can be cleaned using this bad boy.

  1. Vonhaus Compact High-Pressure Washer

Vonhaus Compact pressure washer

This 105 bar pressure machine is the ideal deal for small cleaning jobs like cars, bikes, etc. It might not be useful in giving your driveway that lustrous-new-clean look but serves just fine with a 5m hose and its compact design. Perfect for reaching tight spots.

  1. Karcher K2 Full Control

The Karcher K2 Full Control is a newly launched product, and it gets almost everything done like bikes, cars, garden furniture, driveways, patio, etc. You get sufficient control over the 4m hose because of its sturdy and lightweight design. Many attachments to choose from for various objects. Overall a good deal for your money.

  1. MacAllister 1300W Pressure WasherKarcher K2 Full Control pressure washer

Mac Allister MPW100D

MacAllister 1300W is quieter than the rest of the washers. You could use this while your dog sleeps and he won’t be disturbed at all. It delivers at 100 bar pressure and has an easy to use design. It can clean your car, bike, garden equipment quickly but might fall short on power for tough areas.

  1. Sun Joe SPX1000

A small, handy washer that comes with wheels so you can roll it anywhere you want. 100 bar pressure and a lightweight design can help you clean your car without damaging the paint on its surface quickly. It uses less amount of water, and its spray nozzle is adjustable to meet different needs. A 6.5m hose and 1400W power consumption make it one of the best light-duty washers.

  1. Nilfisk Compact 110 Home & Car Pressure Washer

Nilfisk Alto D-PG 140.4-9 P X-TRA

Nilfisk is a highly reputed brand in the cleaning industry. This model comes with a 5m hose, 3 adjustable nozzles, 5 cleaning attachments, which make this an all-around power washer. It is great for cars and windows and assembling it requires minimal effort

The list mentioned above comprises of the best light-duty pressure washers for your needs. All products mentioned are from trusted companies and are worth every penny.

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charles - August 2, 2017

Thanks.I just choose my light duty pressure washer.Hope it is enough for my car cleaning.

allen - October 9, 2017

MacAllister 1300W Pressure Washer, this pressure washer is amazing in every work because I am using this. this is the covered 100 pressure washer if you want to buy any pressure washer then you can buy this. Thanks for this amazing article.


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