Best Medium Duty Pressure washers

Many people scratch their heads on the decision of buying a low-duty or a medium duty pressure washer. Yes, low-duty pressure washers can handle most of the home equipment but buying a medium-duty washer gives more flexibility in handling and cleaning. It also offers more flow rate and pressure to clean things which are difficult for the low-duty pressure washers to clean.

So, how do you decide which washer to buy? Well, the low-duty washers can comfortably handle most of the jobs that do not require much flow rate or pressure, but a medium duty Pressure washer offers more flexibility and control, more pressure, and the much-needed flow rate of water to get areas which pose greater difficulty in cleaning.

Medium-duty washers can clean the driveway, house walls, the garden fence, and many big things with ease which a low-duty washer would fail to do. You can also use these medium duty pressure washers to clean after Installing a conversion kit on your bike.

The list below comprises of the Best medium Duty washers in the industry. Have a look!

Best Medium Duty Pressure Washers

  1. Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer

Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer

This washer delivers water at a pressure of 200bars. It comes with a CAT triplex pump and also a five in one nozzle for various jet speeds. With a 192 cc, four stroke engine and air cooling capacity the engine rarely heats up. The engine has a very long life, and the washer is perfect for commercial use.

Its ability to save fuel is greater than any of the other washers, a 5.5 LTR capacity and extremely energy efficient. This machine is very easy to use with its 360-degree rotatable spray-wand handle and makes minimal noise even with its powerful engine.

  1. Generac 6596 Gas Pressure Washer


At 190 bars, this medium duty pressure washer can wash anything from walls to garage floors. Its motor is extremely efficient and very effective. It is lightweight and also has two wheels to drag it on the ground. With a 7.5 m hose and a massive tank size, it allows the user to perform tasks with immense ease and comfort.

Only when the engine starts, there seems to be noise, other than that it is as peaceful as the mountains. An ergonomic spray having four nozzle tips helps you in cleaning almost everything.

  1. Earthwise PW20002 Pressure Washer

Earthwise PW20002 Pressure Washer

140 bars of pressure and a high capacity power engine is the perfect machine to take care of all the household tasks; some commercial purposes can also be handled using this powerful machine. It comes with a built-in detergent tank, a dial to adjust the pressure, and full range of spray tips.

Cleaning the fence, removing moss off the cement, cleaning the garage floor, etc. are exceptionally comfortable for this washer. With a 7.5 m hose, and a 10.5 m power cord you can practically clean the entire room by plugging it to just one power outlet. All this and it is also very economical.

  1. Karcher X-Series 140 bars K-5.540

Karcher K4 Control Home

Karcher is probably the leading brand in pressure washers. It makes products which are both cheap and powerful, also extremely efficient for every household. Its induction motor comes with a patented water cooler than helps it run with minimal generation of heat.

It is perfect for longer hours usage, and it will not get damaged. It comes with two of Karcher’s unique spray wands, one of which is the DirtBlaster Spray Wand capable of increasing the pressure up to fifty percent. Its lightweight structure and compact design enable it to fit perfectly in the corner of your room.

  1. AR Blue Clean AR383ss

AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure washer

Its body is made of copper and aluminum components, coated with plastic, and comes with a whole set of accessories including a foam dispenser, lance, and the common parts. The maximum pressure is at 130 bars and has an auto shut-off safety valve that is directly connected to the pump head to provide user security. Assembling, moving, securing the hose is incredibly easy with the AR Blue Clean AR383ss.

While unwinding the hose, the extension tangles pretty easily, so caution is necessary. It’s also almost noiseless given the fact its motor has a capacity of only 11 Amp. Ideal fit for household chores.

  1. Briggs & Stratton 20542 Elite Series

briggs and stratton medium duty pressure waSHER

briggs and stratton medium duty pressure waSHERThis pressure washer classifies under both heavy-duty and medium-duty but is mostly for heavy-duty applications which are why it is at the last of our list. With an astounding maximum pressure of 230 bars, this bad boy can work for almost 7 hours straight.

Most jobs require a time of 3-4 hrs for cleaning, and this washer can do it without ever needing to stop. With its massive pressure capacity, it can wipe the age old paint off of the walls quickly. It comes with various pressure settings for different conditions like, if you ever needed it for low-duty jobs just dial down the pressure, and you’re ready to go.

These six medium-duty pressure washers are currently the best in the industry, and their reputation stands firm on the ground. They are cheap, reliable, and perfect for both household and commercial use.

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lee guillory - July 26, 2017

what is the best medium duty pressure washer from the above article? i am not able to choose one.Looking for your suggestions.Thanks in Advance

bender cleaners - July 27, 2017

Good and informative article on medium duty pressure washers.Thank you.

mister cleaner - August 2, 2017

I always recommend to our DIY pressure cleaning clients to invest in a good medium duty pressure washer.


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