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Best Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

Heavy duty pressure washers are the best washers overall. They have high cleaning capacities than low and medium duty pressure washers because of high-pressure output and high flow rate of water. Large driveways, basketball courts, tennis courts, any indoor court are too easy for any heavy-duty pressure washer to clean. Also, using the right tools […]

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Best Medium Duty Pressure washers

Many people scratch their heads on the decision of buying a low-duty or a medium duty pressure washer. Yes, low-duty pressure washers can handle most of the home equipment but buying a medium-duty washer gives more flexibility in handling and cleaning. It also offers more flow rate and pressure to clean things which are difficult […]

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Best Light Duty Pressure Washers

A bucket of water and a scrubber was all I used when I needed to clean my car or my handy lawn equipment. To be honest, it was painful and extremely time-consuming. Moving your arm continuously for at least 20 mins is not exactly fun. But I left all this behind soon after I started […]

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What are Pressure Washers ??

A Pressure Washer also known as the Power Washer is a high pressure mechanical sprayer.A pressure washer creates high pressure and velocityIt can produce pressure from 750 to 30,000 psi(5 to 200 MPa) or more.BASIC CONSTRUCTIONA basic pressure washer consists of A motor(it could either be electric, internal combustion or hydraulic) A high pressure hoseA […]

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