テッドマン パーカー TDSP-148 TEDMAN メンズ 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー ブラック 新品





そのエフ商会・TEDMAN'S(テッドマンズ)のミニ裏毛パーカー(メンズ ジップアップ スウェットパーカー)です。










作品名は「Tedman TDSP-148 Blow Out The Badluck Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie Men's Hooded Sweatshirt / Casual Fashion Zip-Up Men's Printed Hoodie テッドマン ミニ裏毛 ジップアップスウェットパーカー プリント メンズ ジップパーカー」です。



Product Description in English

Tedman Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie Men's Hooded Sweatshirt TDSP-148

Gender : Men

Fit : Japanese size (It is smaller than american standard sizes). This sweatshirt tends to run up on the small side, most american customers go one or two size up from american normal sizing. This hoodie has a shorter length for a stylish silhouette that giving it a more clean and dapper appearance.

The model is wearing size Medium. Height:5feet 9inch(1.75m), weight:134pound(61kg)

Fabric Type : 100% cotton sweatshirt fabric with a loop back (un-brushed). Smooth sweatshirt fabric is super ightweight and soft for comfort. This sweat fabric is as thin as a T shirt fabric. Suitable for spring and fall seasons. This light piece of hoodie can be worn year-round, especially in spring and fall. It is perfect to wear alone or as a base layer with a outerwear.

Types of garment closure : Zipper closure (Zip-up). Full-zip frontal closure that runs all the way up through the hood for maximum insulation against cold and snow, keeping your neck warm.

Storage : Slant singke welt hand-warmer pockets on the waist.

Style : Casual fashion

Print type : Discharge printing. The pattern bleached into the fabric and then dyed in colours that apply to the pattern. It brings out a soft and a dry touch feelings.

Sleeve Style : Set-in sleeves

Sleeve Length : Long

Other details : A drawstring (drawcord) passes through the hood, allowing the aperture size to be adjusted. The two-ply hood. The two-ply knit ribbed sleeve ends and waistband are comfortable and flexible.

Made in China.
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.
*Please refer to size chart for sizing.

Tedman (Tedman's Ted Company) is a casualwear brand founded by EFU-SHOKAI in Tokyo, Japan.

And its focus is on the symbolic garments with graphics of the Tedman's character.

Tedman (lucky red devil) originated in an american tattoo and US military squadron insignia (squadron emblems) during the world war II. It is said that bad luck is blown off by the flames blowing out from tedman's mouth.

Tedman's products are designed in Japan, but their inspiration comes from the American spirit.

Featuring graphics of the Tedman, the lineup includes pieces in Japanese sizes and silhouettes, with the materials and details that have been enhanced with modern casual styles for today's tast.

The clothing is produced to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town.

Here is one piece from Tedman bland : Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie Men's Hooded Sweatshirt for Men.

This hoodie is uniquely designed and inspired by classic hoodies, new original designs are made for the modern age.

This item combine practicality and style for spring and fali wear and can be layered with other garments for additional warmth for winter season.

This is suitable for any layered style and a true piece of timeless design.

This style combines the original features of classic hoodie with styling and tailoring from Tedman's.

tedman-rodeo-japan efu-shokai-rodeo-japan
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【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー

【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー



【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー



【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー


【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー


【日本産】 パーカー テッドマン TDSP-148 新品 ブラック 薄手ミニ裏毛ジップパーカー メンズ TEDMAN-パーカー