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Best pressure washer reviews on this blog with detailed explanation on how we review them on various parameters so that they cater your needs in the best possible way.

Best Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

Heavy duty pressure washers are the best washers overall. They have high cleaning capacities than low and medium duty pressure washers because of high-pressure output and high flow rate of water. Large driveways, basketball courts, tennis courts, any indoor court are too easy for any heavy-duty pressure washer to clean. Also, using the right tools […]

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Best Medium Duty Pressure washers

Many people scratch their heads on the decision of buying a low-duty or a medium duty pressure washer. Yes, low-duty pressure washers can handle most of the home equipment but buying a medium-duty washer gives more flexibility in handling and cleaning. It also offers more flow rate and pressure to clean things which are difficult […]

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Best Light Duty Pressure Washers

A bucket of water and a scrubber was all I used when I needed to clean my car or my handy lawn equipment. To be honest, it was painful and extremely time-consuming. Moving your arm continuously for at least 20 mins is not exactly fun. But I left all this behind soon after I started […]

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AR Blue Clean AR383 Review

Does that dirt in sidings or the dirt on the fence or the difficult stains bother you? If you are looking for an easy clean device for cleaning your driveway, furniture or vehicles, AR Blue Clean AR383 is what you need. AR Blue Clean AR383 is a highly efficient electric pressure washer; it is most suitable […]

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