What are Pressure Washers ??

A Pressure Washer also known as the Power Washer is a high pressure mechanical sprayer.

A pressure washer creates high pressure and velocity

It can produce pressure from 750 to 30,000 psi(5 to 200 MPa) or more.


A basic pressure washer consists of

  • A motor(it could either be electric, internal combustion or hydraulic)
  • A high pressure hose
  • A trigger-gun style switch
what is pressure washer

A Pressure washer is of great use for both household and industries.

Some of the uses of the Pressure washer are mentioned below


  • Removal of loose paint
  • Removal of dust, mud or dirt from surfaces
  • Cleaning of buildings or vehicles
  • Cleaning of grills


  • At extreme high pressure it can be used in many industrial cleaning application requiring removal of surface layer
  • For dust-free cutting of some metals and concrete
  • For removal of graffiti from the walls
  • Cutting of plastics


The question being why is there a need to buy a Pressure Washer?

Now imagine working in a factory with lots of huge machineries and you are asked to wash them with an ordinary garden hose. Not only will it take up your entire day or maybe more but also you won’t be able to clean it up properly considering that the machines get all dusty and greasy due to heavy work.


Now imagine in a situation like this if you are given the best Pressure Washer as your helping hand.

This would make a huge difference not only will you save time but also there won’t be a speck of dust on the machines.

should i buy a pressure washer ?

The Pressure Washer makes short work of tough cleaning jobsand solves other problems as well

Pressure Washer is of great use to both your house and industries. It is capable of doing heavy duty as well as light work.

It’s everybody’s need for getting the job done quickly and in a much cleaner way.


Saving of time would automatically result in good profits for the factories and hence they would be able to see a visible growth.

Also Pressure Washer can prove to be a good cleaning companion as it ensures that the entire burden is not upon a single person and the work is divided between the person using it and the machine which indeed yields good results

Therefore, the Pressure Washer is the best and is a great investment

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